Our Core Values

The vision must not only survive, but thrive. Our Core Values help serve as a guide to fulfill the vision of Oasis.Church. The things that we value set the tone for how we get things done at Oasis. These values are a map that gives us direction, helps us make decisions, and helps us interpret life. When reading a map, there are different routes to get to a destination: some choose to take the scenic route while others take the shortest route available.

Pastor Eric Camp

We Proclaim the Solution.

We make it a point to be clear that we are not here to protest the problem. We know there is sin. We do not put our morals in neutral. Rather, we are going to proclaim the solution and the answer.

We Aim for Five-Star Service.

When someone comes to our church, we want them to know that we believe they are the very best of God. We want people to always feel loved and embraced when they come here. We want our guests to experience five-star service.

We Get To Give.

We believe that we are most like Christ when we give with a Generous Spirit. We never look at giving as a task, chore, or religious exercise. It is a joy to give. Our generosity advances God’s Kingdom on the earth.

We All Have a Platform.

When you are a part of Oasis.Church, you may never preach a sermon, but you do have a platform. We want you to know that you absolutely have a platform. You have a gift. You have a calling. You have talents that God has given you. We want you to realize your platform as part of being here at Oasis.

We Are Liquid in Our Methods.

We are not religious about our methods. We are anti-rigidity. Our message never changes. But we know that it is going to unfold, that it is going to shift and change based upon the times and the current emphasis that we feel God has given us as a church.

We Protect, Guard, and Defend the Vision.

We know God has called us to lead people into a better life with Jesus, together, and for others. We are also aware – and this might surprise you – that not everybody is interested in you having a better life.

We Want You to Come As You Are, But Not Stay As You Are.

We want people to come in the church who do not know Christ and experience a revolution. We do not judge people when they come, but we allow them time to experience God’s life-changing grace.

We Act in Unwavering Commitment.

We ask people (and we don’t apologize for it) to stop “dating” the church. This is the bride of Christ. Jesus gave his life for her, so there should be an attitude in our lives that is not just flippant about her. We’re going to ask you to put a ring on it, to be committed to this thing called the house of God.

We Pursue Excellence.

We pursue excellence as a church and do everything we can to avoid average. We strive for excellence: the way we minister to children, the way we minister to young people, our technology, the way we present church, the cleanliness of our building – the way we do ministry in all of these things – and not just excellence in these areas, but excellence in our own lives is absolutely important.

We Live to Leave a Legacy.

In other words, as the Psalmist says, “Teach us to number our days.” We, as a leadership team and as a church, want people to have a revelation that life is short and that the church is always one generation from extinction. We are living to set up the next generation for a better opportunity, to give them a greater launching pad to reach others for Christ.

We Are All About the Basics.

We are simple. We try not to complicate church. We focus on creating a better life within church, small groups, and through serving. We know that we can’t do everything well, so those are three things we have focused on as a church. We do our best to stay away from being complicated, and we stay committed to the basics.

We Are All About the Win.

We want you to win. We look for ways to help people win in life with finances, families, and marriages. We know that when you win battles, you can come alongside the church family and help others win as well.

We Will Let the Un-churched Population Determine Our Growth.

We will not limit our growth. As long as there are people in our church community who are un-churched, we want to find ways to reach them. We are relentless about seeing Heaven multiplied.


Oasis.Church is an inter-denominational church founded by Pastor Eric Camp and his wife Toni in 2009. Oasis.Church is located in Pascagoula, MS with a second location in Ocean Springs, MS. With dreams to reach the Mississippi Gulf Coast with the love of Jesus, Oasis.Church has been a place for people to call home, and a place where anyone from any background can feel comfortable and loved.