For far too long, the church has been known for what it is against. We want to be known for what we are for.

We are FOR Holly Springs.

God is For You

FOR your kids. We are already partnering with other organizations that provide school supplies and extracurricular opportunities for the next generation and we believe this facility is a major part of us being a better resource to continue doing just that. We have always desired to meet the needs of kids in our community, especially those who need support in education, fostering, nutrition, and special needs. In addition, kids need a local church where they can learn about Jesus on their level, a place they want to invite their friends to that is friendly, encouraging, safe, fun and full of hope.

FOR Your Community.  There are people in our community who are under-resourced, under-served, and under-represented. We see this facility as a central hub – or a home base – where we can continue partnering with other local organizations to serve the people of our community with no strings attached. God is for Holly Springs, and we are an extension of His love in this town.

for YOU. Has it been a while since you participated in “church stuff”? Never considered yourself a “church person”?  Well, we believe that relationships are valuable and what better way to develop friendships, strengthen marriages and deepen family bonds than to create a space where all are welcome and given a chance to experience something we all desire… hope. We believe this building is more than what many people think of when they think of a church – we believe it is a safe and encouraging place where you will meet others who believe and want the best for you, and not just on Sundays.

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” Roman 8:31

You’re already like family.


Wear The Vision