A solid structural building finds its strength not in its largeness, but its smallness. Yes, the big architectural design is important, but it’s the smaller components that make up its strength. How do you build God’s church?

Brick By Brick.


It’s not just about permanence, it’s about presence. Our entire community is being impacted in a significant way because of you. 

There are 3 types of financial contributors to Oasis Church. 

Supporters commit to a monthly contribution of $100 to Oasis. This is a great first step for people who want to get into the habit of giving, as they take steps toward tithing.

Foundation Givers are committed to tithing – this is a contribution of the first 10% of your income to your local church. Tithing is a principle seen throughout the Bible, and it is an act of obedience, worship, and good stewardship of God’s money.

A brick layer goes above and beyond their regular tithes and offerings to advance the kingdom of God, and make a significant impact in their local church.

“Here For Good”

We have a vision to establish permanence in our town so that we can widen our reach and expand our impact within the growing community of Holly Springs. Our hope is that we will be known as a life giving church — willing to do whatever it takes to be a blessing to the people of Holly Springs. The #hereforgood project began as a fundraising initiative, and has been an ongoing motto for Oasis Church as we have all been generously contributing toward establishing our own home. We hope you will join in and contribute toward the cause!

In Phase 1

We will be able to minister to 250 adults and up to 100 children per service. Of course, this doubles with two services. But more important than accommodating people, we can establish a home base for ministry to our community. We will leverage this facility to partner with other local groups and organizations who are doing great outreach in our community.

the new church building in holly springs

Thank You

If you wish to make a recurring or one-time gift toward this project, please click here and select “Here For Good Fund”.

If you would like to donate stock, real estate or make other unique contributions, please reach out to todd.davis@oasischurchnc.com