welcome to oasis church in holly springs

Currently meeting at Holly Springs HIGH School

5329 Cass Holt Rd  |  Holly Springs, NC

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Church in Holly Springs
Church in Holly Springs
welcome to oasis church in holly springs
church events in holly springs nc
Our church is "For Holly Springs"


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When was the last time you laughed until your sides hurt? When was the last time someone texted you encouragement at just the right moment? When was the last time a lightbulb went off in your mind as you discussed spiritual topics? All that happens in groups at Oasis Church in Holly Springs.

Whether you have been following Jesus 10 years or only 10 minutes,

we believe there is a group of friends for you

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Many people experience shame, guilt, and condemnation when they attend church, but that’s not what Jesus is about.  Jesus leads us to be a family full of grace, mercy, and forgiveness to everyone. It does not matter where life has taken you or what circumstances you’ve been through,  Jesus invites you to be a part of the church family. If you live in Holly Springs or the surrounding areas, you can expect grace, mercy and forgiveness at Oasis Church. If you aren’t local, that’s okay – we prioritize our online community as well. You can watch live every Sunday. If you live in the Holly Spring area, consider planning your visit and we will see you Sunday!

More About Oasis

We have a vision to establish permanence in our town so that we can widen the reach of the gospel and expand our impact for Jesus within the growing community of Holly Springs.