church all about jesus in holly springs

Oasis Church is a Bible teaching, Jesus centered, community oriented church.  We are passionate about presenting Jesus to those who don’t know Him, and pursuing Jesus with those who do.


No matter who you are or what you’ve been through, there is a place here for you.


We sing to worship God and build the faith of the worshiper. Colossians 3:16 says, “Sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs to God with thankful hearts.” For us, that’s what musical worship is all about. We sing to celebrate who God is and what He is doing in our church.


We are people, just like you. When you join us on Sunday, you’ll be warmly welcomed. Our time together is friendly, encouraging, and full of hope.


You can expect Jesus centered Bible teaching. The weekly sermon will challenge you as you navigate your faith, and help you practically live it out.


Our Mission

What are we doing?

Presenting Jesus to those who don’t know Him, and Pursuing Jesus with those who do.

Our Vision

The Church We See.

We see a multi-ethnic, multi-generational church that is rooted in God’s word, flourishing in the fruit of the Holy Spirit, and making a significant difference in our community.

Our Purpose

Why Does Oasis Exist?

We exist so that all people can have new life in Christ.


LOVE: We love all people.

We love God upwardly, ourselves inwardly, and our neighbors outwardly. A Spirit-filled life leads to a love focused on God and extends to ALL people.

JOY: It is a joy to serve.

Delighting in Jesus produces true satisfaction and accomplishes God’s purpose in my life and in my community.

PEACE: We exude the peace of God.

The tomb is empty and death has been conquered, so we can have peace with God, with ourselves and with one another.

PATIENCE: We assume the best.

We live patiently with our family, friends, co-workers and church, understanding that everything comes in God’s timing.

KINDNESS: We are rich in good deeds.

We have received kindness from God, therefore we offer kindness to others. God’s kindness leads to repentance.

GOODNESS: We are here for good.

We respond to our community with generosity, service, and good deeds. 

FAITHFULNESS: We finish stronger.

We are known for our worship and devotion to God, and our faithfulness to our families through fidelity, commitment, and obedience to Jesus.

GENTLENESS: We are a reservoir of strength.

Quick to listen. Slow to speak. Slow to anger. —James 1:19

SELF-CONTROL: We own the outcomes.

We lead ourselves before leading others. We strive to know and do God’s will, not our own, as we daily walk with Jesus.

The Roots of Our Mission/Vision/Values

Our mission is rooted in the great commission (Matthew 28:18-20)

Our vision is rooted in Ephesians 2 which is a clear picture of a gospel-centered church. It’s multi-ethnic, multi-generational community of believers who are devoted to God’s word, full of His spirit, and making a significant difference in the world around them.

Our church logo is rooted in the great commandment (Mark 12:28-34) expressing itself in Upward love toward God, appropriate love toward ourselves inwardly, and authentic love toward our neighbors, outwardly.

Our core values are rooted in Galatians 5:22-23, and as our behavior aligns with these values, we will naturally and collectively to contribute towards the vision of Oasis.


We would love to answer any questions you might have.