As a multi-generational church, we believe that real life change and growth happens through authentic relationships. This is why we have ministries and programs for every age and every stage of life.


The heart behind Oasis Kids is to introduce your children to the love of Jesus with energy, enthusiasm, fun, and creativity!


Our teenage years go by so fast. We want all students to know that they belong, they are loved, and they are called to make a significant impact in their community.


God never intended for men to do life alone, but rather, with a “band of brothers.”


No matter where you find yourself on the journey, sisterhood walks with you. 


It’s bigger than a blessing over food, or something we do before sporting events, prayer is a constant line of communication with God. Just as our relationships with friends and family grow and deepen as we spend time together, time interacting with God deepens our relationship with Him.


Outreach at Oasis Church can mean anything from partnering with a local food bank to feed the those in need, to a short term missions trip, or hosting a neighborhood block part just to let the community know we are #HereForGood.

If you have questions about Outreach, or would like to partner with us in serving the community, please contact Sandy Byrne.

Small Groups

God created us to be in community. A small group is a space for deep community to be formed as we pursue Jesus together, building our faith, trust, and connection with others.

Whether you have been following Jesus 10 years or only 10 minutes,

we believe there is a group for you.

Oasis Academy

Take the next step in maturing your faith by diving deeper into the study of God and the Bible.


We are only a few clicks away.